Eileen French

I have been a Trustee since 2008 and am interested in people’s reasons for working for peace. While my generation has never faced conscription or needed to decide whether or not to fight, we did inherit the issue of nuclear weapons and I have been a CND supporter for many years. I have also been active with Amnesty. I see LHTF as one way of helping people with ideas for peace to carry them forward.

Kathy Hindle

I have been a trustee since about 2000. I am a Quaker, previously an auditor and accountant.

Andrew Rigby

I have spent the bulk of my life reading, writing and teaching about issues relating to the many dimensions of nonviolent struggle for peace and justice.

Lucy Roberts

I have been a trustee with LHTF since 2020. I thoroughly enjoy the fact we support very dedicated, innovative and often relatively small charities doing their utmost to promote peace within the UK.

Patricia Sellick

I am interested in how people of all faiths and none try to make changes in the world without resort to violence. I am especially interested in how people build solidarity across and between generations.