Grants Given

Examples of recent grantees (since 2020)

Global Campaign on Military Spending

Lansbury House Trust Fund has supported Global Campaign on Military Spending (GCOMS) 2021-2023. GCOMS is a year-round campaign to raise awareness and change the discourse regarding military spending. Its objective is to achieve the re-allocation of resources to actual human and environmental needs. Some participant groups for GCOMS:

  • Peace & Justice Scotland
  • Yorkshire CND
  • Scottish CND
  • Pax Christi
  • Rethinking Security
  • Scottish National Party/Labour Party/Lib Dems/Green Party
  • COP26

GCOMS collates material for schools and study groups, and there are webinars, workshops and complementary events.

Peace News Digitisation

Archives | Peace News

Peace News is a London-based pacifist publication that was founded back in 1936. Through its pages one can follow the development of a whole range of international peace initiatives by activists informed by new perspectives in peace-thinking and emerging priorities.

Peace News Trustees became increasingly aware of the rich resource entrusted to their care, and determined that they should seek to make this freely available to researchers and activists around the world. They began to explore the possibility of digitising the collection and developing a platform whereby it might be searchable by anyone with access to the internet. Hugh Brock, one of the founders of the Lansbury House Trust Fund in 1968 had been editor of Peace News (1958-1964), so it was not too surprising that LHTF should be approached to part-fund the digitisation project.

Images from Peace News, n. 1138, April 18th 1958 – the first nuclear disarmament march to Aldermaston

Peace Museum Bradford

The Peace Museum, based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, is the only accredited museum of its kind in the UK. Its aim is to support peace-making in all its aspects by telling the stories of peace-makers and peace movements.

Like many organisations committed to furthering peace objectives the museum has enjoyed some success raising funds for specific projects with identifiable outputs and outcomes. But, like other organisations, the Peace Museum has found it problematic raising the funds to cover their core costs – particularly in the light of the shortfall in income due to the Covid pandemic. LHTF fully identified with the Peace Museum’s objective of advancing public education about all aspects of peace and peace movements, and agreed to contribute towards meeting the Museum’s core costs for a period of three years.

Banner image showing promotional material for exhibitions at The Peace Museum
Exhibitions at The Peace Museum

Peace & Justice Scotland

Peace & Justice Scotland (P&JS) has worked since 1980 to promote nonviolence, human rights, conflict resolution, disarmament and ecological sustainability and to create a culture of peace across Scotland. The charity aims to act as a catalyst for a more peaceful and just Scotland.

Other recent recipients:

War Resisters’ International

Nonviolence in action, E-Conference based in London, November 2021

Inscape – ‘Roots’ film

Nuclear Information Service (NIS)

Grant to Nuclear Information Service to categorise and curate the ‘Ainslie Archive’, a separate group of nuclear weapons related documents collected by the late John Ainslie. The work was completed in 2023. The National Museum of Scotland has accepted the paper files to add to their collections.

Demilitarise Education (dED)

Grant awarded in 2023 to Demilitarise Education to develop and maintain the ‘universities and arms’ database.

The Mistake’, a drama by Michael Mears.

Grant to support tour of Michael’s play about Hiroshima and events of 1945. The tour takes place during September and October 2023 at various venues in England and Wales.